Wooden Blinds

Used in furnishings for centuries from the most elegant carved filigrees to the simplest Shaker chairs, wood can embody any style. 
From rustic to ultramodern, wood can take on a variety of paint and stain colors, setting the tone for your living spaces and carrying an aesthetic theme from room to room. We start with the basics—superior materials and craftsmanship—so you can focus on the details that will make your Traditions Wood Blinds the perfect addition to your home. Whether your home décor is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, versatile Wood Blinds can add warmth and beauty to your living spaces.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades provide benefits regardless of season or locale. Cocoon, our most energy-efficient fabric, reduces heat transfer by 22% during the winter and 56% during the summer. For more information on the energy efficiency of window treatments. 
Cellular shades are customizable to any customer’s needs. They’re offered in a wide variety of fresh colors and trend-right styles, and they come in an array of specialty shapes and sizes to cover nearly any window. 
Bottom up/top down cellular shades use innovative design elements, such as a light blocking lip and improved magnetic closure between head and bottom rails, to ensure the premium quality of the product.
The new cordless system provides smoother, quieter operation for a seamless fit into your customer’s life.

How products are assembled

All the product that you seen on this website all get cut and hand assembled.  As you can see from the picture below that all our goods come in raw and we pride in every one of our products that is made to the customers exact need.  

2" Heavy Gage Alum Blind

This Blind is very beautiful.  It starts with its head rail that's made out of 2x2 heavy gage alum.  All the parts inside the head rail are metal starting with the cord lock, tiltor, tape drums, and supports.  The alum is .08 gage alum.  The cords are 3.0 or higher. You have a choice of color tape or ladder. To finish the blind off you get a heavy gage bottom rail with metal tape locks to keep everything perfect.


1"Laurelier Blinds

Laureliers are made with only quality parts. It Starts with a metal head rail and bottom rail. The parts include a metal cord lock, a metal tiltor, all our tape is 22mm, Cord is 1.4mm cord.  The Slats are .08 Gage alum slat. To finish off the Laurelier you get a double slat valance of the color blind you have chosen 

Layered Shades

An inspired hybrid of fabric shades and horizontal blinds, Mezzanine Layered Shades offer the ultimate flexibility in light control. In two closely linked layers of fabric, stripes of sheer fabric combine with tightly woven bands of color. The sheer fabric protects furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays, while the solid fabric stripes filter or block the light. Mezzanine Layered Shades ensure a modern and minimal design with maximum impact.
From textured weaves or shiny metallics, we offer a wide range of layered fabrics to accent any décor style.

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Verticals Blinds (Louver Magic Track)

Louver Magic is the ultimate custom track system.  Each Meticulously crated vertical is made of the finest quality material and is custom designed to your special needs and demands.  Louver Magic is so versatile that it has the capability to handle not only the standard window, but also the more unusual applications with the same ease ​of operation.  The slender profile of the track utilizes a grooved side for easy insertion of aluminum or a flat side for lamination of matching fabric.  This provides a perfectly coordinated vertical.  The clear hanger blends into the louver design.  the louvers are evenly spaced and are protected from damage by our specially designed clutch, which allows independent rotation and automatic realignment